"Quality assurance in the steel processing industry"
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About QCCB

Based on many years of experience within the top segment of quality control, QCCB knows that a proper preparation and thorough communication are of key importance for a successful course of the project.


Especially in the biddingfase, all by client established requirements have to become clear and it shall be determined that all requirements can be adhered to. Too often we see that the technical review of the enquiry is limited. Due to this unnecessary misfortunes during the project are inevitable. QCCB will advise you utmost during this stage.

Fabrication process

During the fabrication process, the assurance and control of the quality is essential to verify that the requirements are adhered to. Beside advise on strict compliance with the applicable codes,  We can also assist your company and/or personnel by means of training in the event that the knowledge is insufficient.


Standards change continuously. QCCB can advise you with regards to the national and international regulation and can audit / implement these on your shop floor.


The documentation is often reviewed by many and is therefore the business card of your company. QCCB can assist you with the arrangement and maintenance of the data book and will take care that the documentation complies with your client wishes.